Vineyard development

Sheridan Contracting: Your first point of contact when it comes to delivering
for the specific needs of your Vineyard Development project.


Vineyard Layout

In consultation with owners during the establishment process, our team will provide an ideal layout of the vineyard for the most practical use of machinery and crop efficient production


Vineyard Infrastructure

We have a modern, well maintained range of equipment with experienced, caring operators to prepare the ground, plant root stock, establish trellis and irrigation infrastructure to achieve best results


Development of Neglected Vineyards

We can also assist with neglected vineyards with replanting or trellis/infrastructure which might assist lift productivity and consequently, profitability.


Specialists in:

  • GPS ripping and cross marking.
  • Machine planting
  • Trellis infrastructure establishment
  • Training of new vines
  • Grassing of vineyard
  • Set up with SWNZ program
  • Full documented O, H & S programme and legislation compliant.

Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand

Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand framework fully implemented to protect the environment, while efficiently and economically producing premium wine grapes. 


O, H & S

  • Policies developed and full implemented
  • Individual site plans developed identifying hazards and mitigating strategies developed.
  • Safe work behaviour practices adopted and standard operating procedures (SOP) written for all tasks.