Sheridan Contracting
Vineyard Machine Harvesting

Timely, Capabilty and Experience when you need it the most


Timely Vineyard Harvesting

We offer total harvest coordination working 24 hours, 7 days using a modern well maintained fleet of Pellenc Harvesters remove crop at the optimum time and timely delivery of crop to wineries.


The right support

The harvest operation is supported by a fleet of gondolas, tractors and trucks.


Get the security of experience

Our harvesting operation experience gives us the knowledge and flexibility during this critical time, meeting the demands of wineries and working around the impact of weather conditions


Vineyard Machine Harvesting:

  • Operator of dedicated fleet of Pellenc harvesters

  • Support equipment/infrastructure of tractors, gondolas, trucks

  • Brix monitoring and harvest scheduling

  • Harvest coordination with wineries, digital mapping of harvest progress and GPS tracking and location of equipment.GPS tracking and reporting capabilities used on machinery for accuracy and accountability of work.

  • Transport to winery

  • Ensure s fruit is picked and delivered to the winery on time and in optimal condition for processing.

  • Liaise with grower, wine maker and winery staff to ensure effective coordination. 

  • Extensive Equipment Fleet, tractors and gondolers to suit all sit situations.

Sustainable Winegrowing
New Zealand

Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand framework fully implemented to protect the environment, while efficiently and economically producing premium wine grapes.   

O, H & S

  • Policies developed and full implemented
  • Individual site plans developed identifying hazards and mitigating strategies developed.
  • Safe work behaviour practices adopted and standard operating procedures (SOP) written for all tasks.