Vineyard Management and Leasing

At Sheridan Contracting we provide a full vineyard management service on an annual basis and also leasing options, taking responsibility for all aspects of Marlborough seasonal vineyard cycle activities from pruning to harvest, as well as vineyard maintenance tasks on owner’s behalf.


Large & Small Customers

We currently manage large and small holdings on behalf of a range of customers throughout the Marlborough region, as well as offering leasing options.

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Peace of Mind

Our proactive approach and communication, listening to the wants and needs of owners will provide ‘peace of mind’ and a cost effective means to maximise returns of your investment.


Latest Practices

At Sheridan Contracting we employ caring and experienced people, implementing SWNZ practices, keeping pace with latest practices in progressive, quality focused winegrowing.

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Smart & Sustainable

We will manage your Marlborough vineyard with smart and sustainable practices, striving to develop the vineyard’s long term health while protecting your bottom line. 


At Sheridan Contracting:

  • We can monitor and plan activities in your absence
  • Complete and detailed annual budget.
  • Reduces need for capital investment in machinery and equipment
  • Our management and communication will provide peace of mind and a cost effective means to maximise returns on your investment.
  • Are experienced, professional, quality focused with end goal of finest fruit in best condition, quality yield to maximise price.
  • Contractor to small private vineyards through to large corporate winery companies.
  • Effective communication to understand customers view is a priority. 
  • Conscious of impact of equipment on vineyards, respectful of sites worked performed to highest standard to maintain systems and infrastructure in order for cost avoidance and to ensure efficiency of operation and achieve optimal vine growth and yield.
  • Ensure SWNZ compliance.
  • Provide Viticulture consultation and advice.

Sustainable Winegrowing
New Zealand

Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand framework fully implemented to protect the environment, while efficiently and economically producing premium wine grapes. 


Sheridan Contracting O, H & S

  • Policies developed and full implemented
  • Individual site plans developed identifying hazards and mitigating strategies developed.
  • Safe work behaviour practices adopted and standard operating procedures (SOP) written for all tasks.